EM Clerkship PoCUS

Dalhousie Emergency Medicine

Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound – Interactive learning module for medical students.


EM Clerkship PoCUS is an interactive Adobe Captivate learning module created for introduction of point of care ultrasound to the novice scanner or for review in more advanced PoCUS practitioners.


On completion of this activity users should be able to:


  1. Define, basic ultrasound physics terms, probe types, and discuss their characteristics.
  2. Discuss, the proper technique of Focused Assessment of Ultrasound in Trauma (FAST), Abdominal Aorta and First Trimester Pregnancy PoCUS examinations as well as Anatomy portrayed in each view, positive findings, and the limitations of each exam.
  3. Describe the distinctions between the ultrasound appearance of arteries and veins and demonstrate understanding of the basic techniques to acquire directly visualized I.V. catheter access with PoCUS.



The learning module plays as a filmstrip and has a pause and review bar if you scroll to the bottom of the screen.  We recommend maximizing the screen size under the view tab, using zoom in to best visualize the US clips and images.   If you plan to use this program in your curriculum please email us at chriscox@dal.ca so we can alert you to updates and future additions. Thank you for your interest in this module.

Click here to launch learning module