Fall ECCU Fest 2018 – PoCUS Conference Workshop and ECCU2 Course

September 27th – 28th 2018

The Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada


Atlantic Canada’s top PoCUS event


Now open for applications/booking



The ECCU Conference is being held in conjunction with the ECCU2 Advanced Applications Course in order to provide those attending the course and other delegates with an opportunity to access an update in the hottest clinical PoCUS topics. The focus will be on presenting the best emerging evidence, strategies for developing a local PoCUS program and developing competencies.


  • International PoCUS experts
  • Clinical PoCUS hot topics and updates
  • Top PoCUS research
  • IP2 Diagnostic stream lectures

Conference delegates will have access to the Diagnostic stream lectures of the ECCU2 Advanced Applications Course, which will include an Gallbladder, Renal, DVT and Ocular

Invited Faculty – 2018

Dr. Hein Lamprecht – South Africa – (ECCU Fest 2018) – PoCUS Educator Extraordinaire – IFEM – WinFocus

Dr. Darryl Wood – UK/South Africa – (ECCU Fest 2018) – PoCUS bushcraft on the frontline

Dr. Peter Croft – USA – (ECCU Fest 2018) – New England PoCUS disrupter –past MGH PoCUS Fellow

Dr. David Mackenzie – USA – (ECCU Fest 2018) – Canadian New Englander, PoCUS innovator – past MGH PoCUS Fellow


Also our top Dalhousie Faculty of PoCUS Experts



Open for applications and booking: More Information Here

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FAST RUQ Positive

The Saint John Regional Hospital Emergency Department Ultrasound Program was established as one of our priority academic programs. Amongst our physician group are a number of national and international leaders in the field of Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS). We run a growing number of PoCUS courses each year in Saint John, including the ECCU 1  course, ECCU IP School and Fall ECCU Fest!

We have 2 Sonosite Edge II machines located in Trauma and RAZ and 1 Sonosite X-Porte in Acute.



Ultrasound Program Pages


Ultrasound Resources

Ultrasound Faculty

Dr. Paul Atkinson

Dr. Kavish Chandra

Dr. Robin Clouston

Dr. Paul Frankish

Dr. Matt Greer

Dr. Jay Hannigan

Dr. Michael Howlett 

Dr. Joanna Middleton 

Dr. Mandy Peach

Dr. Tushar Pishe 

Dr. Brian Ramrattan

Dr. Peter Ross 

Dr. Jo-Ann Talbot

Dr. Luke Taylor



AAA    ECCU Workshop

Ultrasound Simulation Room

2014-03-26 09.36.19The ultrasound simulation room is located in the back corridor between RAZ and Trauma. They key for this room can be accessed via the ED Admin Office. This room is set up for a variety of ultrasound simulation modalities.

Equipment includes:

  • Sonosite MicroMaxx Ultrasound Machine
  • CAE Vimedix Simulator
  • SonoSim Simulator
  • Blue Phantom – Head and Neck Vascular Access Phantom
  • Blue Phantom – Transvaginal Phantom
  • Blue Phantom – Upper Limb Vascular Access Phantom
  • Blue Phantom – Vascular Access and Nerve block Phantoms

2014-03-26 09.29.582014-03-26 09.28.23

This equipment is available to all staff physicians, residents and medical students. Please contact Dr Lewis for simulator training if required. Simulator instructions can be found in the File Store below. Please ensure that all the equipment in the ultrasound simulation room is turned off and in good condition after use.



Quick Tips

How to Log a Scan – Sonosite SJRHEM – logging a scan web

How to save and Image/Clip – Sonosite SJRHEM – saving a clip or image web


Ultrasound Files



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