CAEP 2015 Edmonton

Congratulations to all those representing SJRHEM Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick at CAEP 2015 Edmonton.

jeff colin

Colin Rouse and Jefferson Hayre presented their collaborative work on “A Traumatic Tale of Two Cities” with Colin Rouse picking up the Top Medical Student Abstract Award. Well done to both of them, fantastic work! The abstract can be viewed here.


Dr Paul Atkinson presented the results from the Real-time Assessment and Evaluation with Sonography – Outcomes Network (REASON). It was a fantastic presentation, engaging great interest amongst the large audience of esteemed EM researchers. It won judged 2nd place overall CAEP 2015 research abstract.

Hootsuite Hootsuite

The full abstract can be read here


Dr Robin Clouston presented the results of “The Validation of ICMED – the International Crowding Measure in Emergency Departments”.

IMG_3668 IMG_3669


At the Research Lightening Orals, Kavish Chadra presented his research “Does Implementation of Local AECOPD Treatment Guidelines Increase Management Adherence and Improve Antibiotic Stewardship in the Emergency Department?”

He also presented his poster – “Does Implementation Of A Local AECOPD Treatment Guideline Improve Patient Orientated Outcomes?”


Fraser Mackay presented his research on self directed PoCUS learning –  “Medicus Doces Te Ipsum: A Study in Self Directed Ultrasound Learning”




Dr Mike Howlett presented his research on work stress in EM – “Work Stressors Affecting Emergency Physicians And Residents: An International Survey”



Dr Leanne Hewitson’s research on the use of an PoCUS simulator to enhance trauma simulations was presented on her behalf by Dr David Lewis


All the Research Posters can be viewed here

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