Core PoCUS Applications – Recommended FOAMed Videos

Core Emergency Medicine PoCUS applications include:

  • PoCUS Physics
  • Abdominal Aorta
  • E-FAST
  • Core Cardiac
  • Early Pregnancy
  • Shock – IVC
  • Vascular Access

Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) resources should be concise, clear and accessible. Here are some links to some great  – FOAMed – online PoCUS educational videos :


PoCUS Physics

From Vanderbilt’s Department of Emergency Medicine

Part 1

Part 2


Abdominal Aorta

From Mike Schick UC Davis EM



From Mike Schick UC Davis EM

Part 1

Part 2


Core Cardiac

From Mike Schick UC Davis EM

Basic Cardiac including intro to IVC


From EchoVTorials

Lets go window shopping / circle survey – guide to finding the best transthoracic cardiac views


Intro to Parasternal Views


Intro to Apical Views



Early Pregnancy / Obstetric (1st Trimester)

From EMUS Ottawa

Early pregnancy PoCUS rationale


From Sonosite Inc

IUP Part 1

IUP Part 2

Trans-Vaginal PoCUS



Shock – IVC

From Scott Weingart

IVC Ultrasound for Fluid Responsiveness


From Ultrasound

IVC Assessment with Respiratory Variation



Central Vascular Access


From Ultrasound

Internal Jugular Vein

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