Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick – PoCUS Club

PoCUS Self-Directed Learning Videos

These introductory videos have been designed to facilitate self-directed learning focusing on the undergraduate medical PoCUS core curriculum. They are designed to be viewed on a smartphone and to support both supervised and unsupervised educational practice either in the classroom, clinical setting or offsite with loaned machines.

Short Introduction (8 mins)

Right Upper Quadrant (3 mins)

Left Upper Quadrant (3 mins)

Subxiphoid Cardiac (3.5 mins)

Female Pelvis (4.5 mins)

Male Pelvis (2 mins)

eFAST (5.5 mins)

Anterior Neck (4 mins)

Abdominal Aorta (4 mins)

Inferior Vena Cava (3 mins)

Apical 4 Chamber Cardiac (3 mins)

Long Introduction To PoCUS (18 mins)

DMNB PoCUS Club Credits


The Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick PoCUS (Point-of-Care Ultrasound) Club is the first ever ultrasound machine lending library for medical students in Canada. Under the guidance of Dr. David Lewis, a group of dedicated DMNB students spearheaded this project in response to the limited in-person practice time with ultrasound machines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With plenty of patience, hard work, and generous funding provided by the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation (SJRHF), the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick PoCUS Club was able to purchase six Butterfly iQ probes, small portable ultrasound machines, which students can sign out from the PoCUS Club Library to take home and practice views taught in curriculum.

Before this initiative, students had limited time during fixed teaching sessions to practice with machines; however, this innovative ultrasound machine lending library will facilitate more practice time for medical students and offer self-directed learning material to enable skill acquisition outside the traditional classroom format.

“While the new machines are a vital component of this project, the associate video learning material will be fundamental to its success,” notes clinical lead Dr. Lewis. “Under the project leadership of Pat Price and technological leadership of Ilya Abelev, this team of medical students has spent the last 8 months creating a highly polished library of content that will support our self-directed learning objectives. I’m so impressed with what they have achieved.”

“Having this new resource available for students who want to practice ultrasound is very exciting,” says project lead Pat Price (DMNB Class of 2022). “With the increasing use of Point-of-Care Ultrasound, this is an important skill for students to develop.”

“We are also excited to see how our learning material can be used by medical students across Canada and even further afield,” adds Dr. Lewis.

The Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick PoCUS Club hopes that students use this resource to help them learn Point-of-Care Ultrasound. Because of its ease of use and portability, they also feel that this initiative has the potential to contribute to the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) ecosystem and lead to expansive distribution.

They also hope to be able to expand the number of machines available for future lending!