Department of Geriatric Medicine – The Frailty Journey

A New Resource from the SJRH Dept. of Geriatric Medicine

See this letter from the department of Geriatric Medicine to local physicians below:

We are excited to inform you about another practical, common sense, FREE resource we have developed for your patients and their families.  The Frailty Journey is a booklet that introduces people to the concept of frailty.  The booklet is written at the grade five level, and thus, is easily understood by its target audience.  We discuss questions regularly raised in our geriatric medicine practice. 


The first part of The Frailty Journey describes frailty and provides worksheets to help people recognize frailty.  The Second part discusses health priorities for frail people.  The third part of the booklet introduces some of the information necessary to support a person who experiences frailty.  This booklet does not discuss dementia in any detail.  For families of patients whose frailty is significantly caused by dementia we also provide The Dementia Trilogy booklets.


Anyone may access the booklet on the website, by typing “frailty” into the search function.  The booklet can be downloaded for reading on a tablet.  It can be printed on paper for people who like to highlight and make notes.  Ideally, we would like to be able to provide paper copies at no additional charge.  Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for this.  If you are interested in stocking paper copies for distribution in your practice, please email [email protected] or contact a Horizon print shop through your local hospital.  The Horizon print shop order number is HHN-0431 (English) or HHN-0432 (French).


We have begun to provide this booklet to families of frail people.  We have also been providing it to trainees in our clinics, as well as paid homecare workers accompanying frail patients to clinic.  


Thank you for taking the time to read about this booklet.  If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the authors or email [email protected].




Elizabeth Rhynold MD                   Cindy Hobbs MD                 Elizabeth MacDonald MD

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