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Saint John Regional Hospital

Saint John, NB

E2L 4L2




Welcome and Introduction


Welcome to the “ECCU course”. We hope that this course will provide you with the initial knowledge and basic skills required to begin training in emergency and critical care ultrasound.


Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) has been shown to enhance the clinician’s ability to assess and manage patients with a variety of acute illnesses and injuries. As ultrasound examinations can be performed at the bedside, this diagnostic tool is of great use in managing unstable patients who may not be candidates for other imaging procedures.


Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) is now well established internationally in Emergency Deprtments, Critical Care Units and more widely within the hospital environment (and pre-hospital setting). Focused bedside examinations are performed by clinicians from a wide variety of specialty backgrounds.  The evidence is now clear that, with focused training, these physicians can use ultrasound to answer specific clinical questions that can improve patient outcomes.


Specific indications include:

  • Does this patient have an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?
  • Does this patients have intra-abdominal bleeding (hemopertonium)?
  • Does this patient have pericardial bleeding (hemopericardium)
  • Does this patient have a pneumothorax or hemothorax?
  • What is the hemodynamic status of this patient?
  • Does this patient have an intrauterine preganancy?
  • How can I use ultrasound to safely gain central venous access?



Policies on the use of Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) by emergency physicians have been published by The College of Emergency Medicine, The Royal College of Radiologists, The Australian College for Emergency Medicine, The American College for Emergency Physicians, The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine and the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society.


This course aims to provide an introduction to the use of Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS. In this course we aim to provide an introduction and practical instruction on how to use PoCUS to answer the specific indications above. The course does not attempt to certify any level of expertise or provide a licence to practice. Further hands-on experience and credentialing is essential.


We encourage you to spend some time reading the related pre-course material, which can be found at here. Details of other courses, as well as copies of slides used in theses courses, and also log forms, guidelines and references can also be found at the same web address.



Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound (ECCU)

Pre Course Reading


We encourage you to spend some time reading the related pre-course material, which can be found at ECCU Pre-Course Reading




  1. Read the Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound Course Book
  2. Read this paper on Shock Ultrasound
  3. Optional – Complete ACEP PoCUS Quiz
  4. ECCU Level 1 Slide PDF’s can be downloaded or viewed online via this page


Yours sincerely,

Dr David Lewis & Dr Paul Atkinson



Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

  • In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled then we will be responsible for a full refund of the course fee.
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  • Cancellations are accepted up to 30 days before the course with a full refund (Subject to a $30 administrative fee).
  • We are unable to refund the course fee if less than 30 days notice before the date of the course is given.
  • We may be able to reallocate a place on a subsequent course at one of our centres.
  • Reallocation will be at our discretion and depend on the circumstances of the cancellation and our ability to fill the cancelled place.
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