ED Rounds – EM Teaching Techniques – Dr James French

EM Teaching Techniques

Presented by Dr James French


Read the RSI Drugs Summary first – LINK

1. We are going to have a flipped classroom discussion about RSI drug doses. Flipped classroom sessions require you do a little work beforehand. Please find attached a brief summary of RSI drug doses and a podcast with slides to use. It wont take long. https://sjrhem.ca/sjrhem-podcast-rsi-drugs-basics/

2. We are going to do a deliberate practice session using micro skills on laryngoscopy (which should be fun) to illustrate how microskills and deliberate practice works…..

3. We will then have a discussion around performance and behaviour as a stand alone competence….

4. And then how this all ties into simulation….


Download (PDF, 7.34MB)

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