EM Learner – Competency Assessment – The McMAP Project

In this recently published paper , The Emergency Medicine (EM) academic team at McMaster described their Work-Based-Assessment tools for EM residency competency based assessment.

Their objectives were to……

‘…develop an assessment program organized around the CanMEDS physician competency framework and based on educational theory from the assessment literature. Two-person teams were tasked with developing eight EM-specific [workplace-based assessment] instruments. These instruments were structured as focused, partial mini-clinical evaluation exercises (CEXs)—essentially “micro”-CEXs—that could be used in a busy emergency department (ED) environment. Each instrument was mapped to a physician role from the CanMEDS competency framework at the junior level and the intermediate level. Each instrument was designed to provide a template for clinical faculty to assess resident competence in a key EM clinical task (e.g., performing a history, charting, obtaining consent for therapy) via direct observation. All instruments were peer reviewed and refined based on feedback.’ 

These ‘instruments’ are now available for free download.

Here are a couple of examples:

From the Junior Book:



From the Senior Book:


These ‘instruments’ may help focus our ability to provide useful feedback to our residents and clerks on their competency with respect to performance in a variety of tasks during a shift. Junior, Intermediate and Senior Books can be downloaded via this page




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