EMSJ CPD Recommendations – November 2023

 Dr Mackenzie Howatt MD FRCPC, Director of CPD


I’ve listed below a few external CPD activities for your perusal. I’m hoping to be able to update you monthly on upcoming activities both internal and external to our department to make sure everyone is aware of at least some of the myriad activities out there. I have no involvement/personal stake in any of the listed activities.


External CPD Activities 

Clinical Courses (online/in person/hybrid):

  1. CAEP –AIME – Airway Interventions & Management in Emergencies. Hands on course to enhance your airway skills. Advanced and Awake courses take place in Halifax and use high quality cadavers for training. Requires registration on CAEP website. https://caep.ca/cpd-courses/. Nov 9, 10. AIMEadvanced Feb 25th Whistler (currently sold out but can be put on waitlist) AIME awake Feb 24th (Halifax). Different rates for CAEP and non CAEP members
  2. The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency. Nov 17-19, 2023. New Orleans, LA. $1800 US. A hands on, multi-day course on learning how to manage difficult airways in the ED. https://www.theairwaysite.com/a-course/the-difficult-airway-course-emergency/
  3. CAEP “National Grand Rounds” –https://caep.ca/cpd-courses-2/caep-national-grand-rounds/ -. No listed upcoming rounds but previous rounds available as stream online
  4. Royal College Simulation Educator Training (SET) – hybrid model course (online modules + 2 days in person session) to enhance skills in simulation based health education competency. Course Nov 27 and 28 in Ottawa. Deadline Sept 8th. https://cpd.royalcollege.ca/product?catalog=Simulation_Educators_Trainingq2qP7vmq4nL3k5QpkZjT
  5. Resuscitative TEE – 1 or 2 day simulation course on using TEE in the emergency setting. Held across the world, mostly as pre course offerings for various conferences. Please see website for details. https://www.resuscitativetee.com/workshop
  6. SRPC (Society of Rural Physicians of Canada)- Opportunities for rural (SHC/CCH) physicians to expand skill set beyond comprehensive primary care (such as Emergency Medicine!). Can apply for up to 30 days of training reimbursed at up to 1000 per day plus costs. https://srpc.ca/advanced-training. Can also apply to be a preceptor. https://srpc.ca/event-5203406
  7. CAEP “Disaster Preparedness in Healhcare” – 5 Online modules which make up 19 lectures that prepare individuals and organizations for healthcare disasters. 400$ for CAEP members, 600 for non-members. https://caep.ca/cpd-courses/disaster-preparedness-in-healthcare/
  8. https://imagesim.com/ – An online repository of pediatric images (xray, US, etc) and cases used for resident or faculty education. Different “packages” can be purchased and you have access for 2 years to the particular images/cases. Based out of SickKids in Toronto.
  9. Hospitalist and Resuscitation Conference videos – Videos from a resuscitation conference in 2023 in Montreal are posted to Vimeo for watching at your leisure. $540 to “rent” for the year. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hr2023/
  10. CASTED: Emergency and Plastics. Hands on courses 1-3 days long (mix of online and in person) that teach essentials of managing orthopedic/plastics patients in the ED. https://casted.ca/schedule/
  11. NBMS Community Hospital Program – A variety of recorded lectures on medical topics put together by NBMS/Dalhousie, some of which are relevant to Emergency Medicine. Must be a NBMS member. https://www.nbms.nb.ca/community-hospital-program/


  1. CAEP National conferenceSaskatoon June 9-12, 2024. https://caepconference.ca/
  2. ICEM (International Conference on Emergency Medicine) – June 19-23, 2024. https://icem2024.com/Taking place in Taiwan
  3. EUSEM – European Emergency Medicine Congress – Oct 10-16 (2024) in Copenhagen, Denmark. An international conference on Emergency Medicine. https://eusemcongress.org/ 2024 website not yet up.
  4. ACEP – American College of Emergency Physicians – Sept 29-Oct 2, 2024 in Las Vegas, NevadaInternational conference on Emergency Medicine. https://www.acep.org/sa.
  5. ISICEM – International symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine- Held in Brussels, Belgium. March 19-22, 2024. https://www.isicem.org/19/Home.asp#tab-1 (website for 2024 conference is pending)
  6. Annual Update in Emergency Medicine – Held in Whistler, BC. https://www.cpd.utoronto.ca/whistler/ Organized by Dr. David Carr (U of T) Feb 24-Feb 27.
  7. EM update – Conference put on in Toronto, ON (North York) to give updates to practice of EM. May 8-10. Has a number of clinical pre-conference course: ACLS renewal, CASTED: Emergency and Plastics, Hemodynamic instability Course, AIME. https://emupdate.ca/
  8. Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference – April 18-20 Edmonton, Alberta.https://srpc.ca/event-5259226
  9. Resuscitation Sciences Symposium – Nov 11-12, 2023 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. https://professional.heart.org/en/meetings/resuscitation-science-symposium

Administrative/Leadership/Faculty Development/Education:

  1. Dalhousie Faculty Development – Numerous online Faculty development talks, typically 1-2 hours online . Topics include Medical Education, preparation for academic promotion, EDIA, etc.https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/cpd/faculty-development.html
  2. Canadian conference on Physician Leadership. May 24-25, 2024. Montreal, Quebec. https://physicianleadershipconference.com/

“Home Grown” EMSJ CPD

  1. CanPoCUS – https://www.canpocus.com
    1. PEMPoCUS – Saint John – Nov 23-24 (course full)


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