EMSJ – Transesophageal Echo (TEE) Protocol

Please refer to our TEE introduction and video guides in the resources at the bottom of this page

EMSJ MD Protocol

Download (PDF, 2.16MB)

Information for Nursing and Respiratory Therapy

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  • Please ensure the probe is sent for sterilization at the end of the procedure
  • Please ensure it is returned to the Walmart HEPA cupboard when it returns (usually takes 1 hr)
  • Please save the clips to Path and ensure it is coded as a TEE – for our database


  • Resuscitative TEE requires 2 MDs. One to run the code, the other to exchange the EMS airway for an ETT and perform the TEE
  • The TEE probe only works with the XPORTE
  • Attach TEE probe and place the XPORTE at the head of the bed before the patient arrives
  • Exchange Intubate the patient during first pulse check, immediately followed by passing the TEE
  • Laryngoscopy can assist with directing TEE posterior to ETT, but the blade will need to be removed prior to advancing into esophagus (it gets in the way)
  • Stand at the head of the bed to control the probe.
  • Advance probe until the first view is obtained (ME4C)
  • Follow protocol
  • Defibrillation can be done with probe in situ
  • Communicate findings with the team


Introduction to TEE Guide

Introduction to Transesophageal Echo – Basic Technique

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