Fall ECCU Festival

Fall ECCU Festival Conference Workshop 2018

September 27th – 28th 2018

The Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada


Atlantic Canada’s top PoCUS event

The Fall ECCU Conference Workshop is now full….

The pre-conference ECCU2 Add Apps Course is FULL

Feedback from previous ECCU Festivals

“Thanks for being such great hosts! Gentle and patient teachers. Much appreciated!!”

“Excellent venue- I love it!! Usually I go to conferences just to learn etc… but here in this resort- incredible.”

“Excellent balance between practice and lectures”

“Workshops – excellent, lots of time + feedback”

“I will now be able to do a wrist nerve block and rapidly diagnose SBO”


Our Invited Expert Faculty – Past and Present

Dr. Vicky Noble  – USA- (ECCU Fest 2015) – Author of best selling EM PoCUS book and PoCUS Royalty

Dr. Michael Woo – Canada -(ECCU Fest 2015) – of Royal College Diploma and PoCUS.ca Fellowship

Dr. Bob Jarman – UK -(ECCU Fest 2016) – The ‘biggest’ name in UK PoCUS

Dr. Mark Tutschka – Canada – (ECCU Fest 2016) – Critical Care PoCUS guru

Dr. Paul Olzsynski – Canada- (ECCU Fest 2016) – Med School PoCUS leader and CAEP PoCUS Chair

Dr. Hein Lamprecht – South Africa – (ECCU Fest 2018) – PoCUS Educator Extraordinaire – IFEM – WinFocus

Dr. Peter Croft – USA – (ECCU Fest 2018) – New England PoCUS disrupter – past MGH PoCUS Fellow



Conference ChairDr. Paul Atkinson – Canada/UK

Course DirectorDr. David Lewis – Canada/UK

Course FacultyFull list of ECCU Faculty



Our faculty are experts in Point of Care Ultrasound and are widely published

Dalhousie ECCU Faculty PoCUS Academic Activity/Publications


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Application for the Fall ECCU Festival PoCUS Conference Workshop (1-day)(Full)


Application for the Fall ECCU Festival PoCUS Conference and ECCU2 Advanced Apps Course (2-days)  (Full)

What is the Fall ECCU Fest PoCUS Conference Workshop?

The Fall ECCU Fest PoCUS Conference is a biannual event bringing together the best PoCUS educators in Atlantic Canada with other international experts to provide an update in the hottest clinical PoCUS topics. The focus will be on presenting the best emerging evidence, strategies for developing a local PoCUS program and developing competencies.


  • International PoCUS experts
  • Clinical PoCUS hot topics and updates
  • Top PoCUS research
  • Choose your hands-on scanning workshop

Conference delegates are also invited to attend the Diagnostic stream lectures of the ECCU2 Advanced Applications Course, which will include an Gallbladder, Renal, DVT and Ocular

Scanning workshops are allocated on a first come first served basis at the time of booking. Options include basic cardiac, IVC, advanced cardiac, eFAST, early pregnancy, lung, DVT, gallbladder, renal and aorta.

The conference content is different each year, with new invited experts and the best emerging evidence. Even if you have already completed the ECCU2 Course in previous years, you should attend the conference for the latest PoCUS updates and have a chance to hone your PoCUS skills at a workshop.


There are two booking options:

  1. The ECCU Conference Workshop (1 day) – includes the Conference, IP2 Diagnostic stream lectures and selected scanning modules (Full)
  2. The ECCU Conference plus the ECCU 2 Course  (2 days) – includes the Conference and ECCU2 Advanced Apps Course (Full)

Places are strictly limited for the ECCU2 Advanced Apps Course so if you are considering option 2 please book early to avoid disappointment.


Who should attend?

The ECCU Conference is aimed at all clinicians with an interest in point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS). It is open to all current users of ultrasound, those who are considering starting using ultrasound and anyone who is just interested, no matter what specialty or at what stage of learning you are. We welcome submissions of your ultrasound related scientific work for either an oral or poster presentation.

If you have an interest in PoCUS you should attend the ECCU Conference every year.

What is the ECCU2 Advanced Applications Course?

The ECCU2 Advanced Applications Course is an advanced PoCUS course. It covers all the requirements for CPoCUS IP2 and beyond.

The Resuscitation module includes advanced cardiac (4 views, form and function, etc), lung (pneumothorax, pleural fluid and interstitial fluid, etc), ivc ( shock, etc).

The Diagnostic module includes biliary, renal, DVT and ocular.

The MSK/Needle guidance module includes PocUS assessment of upper and lower limb (joints and soft tissues), fracture/dislocation assessment and ultrasound guided vascular access / nerve blocks.

Workshops will include access to model patients, a wide range of PoCUS phantoms and the state-of-the art CAE Vimedix Ultrasound Simulator.

The course will be limited to 24 delegates. (Full)

More information here

Where will the Fall ECCU Festival be held?

The Fall ECCU Festival will be held at the beautiful Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, one of Atlantic Canada’s premier resort hotels. Local activities include golf, sea kayaking, whale watching and sport fishing.





What will it cost?


Fall ECCU Festival Conference Workshop– (28th Sept 8.00- 17:00).Includes the Conference, lunch,  IP2 Diagnostic stream lectures and selected scanning modules. Accommodation (not included) can be reserved on request. (Full)

$450 CAD ($300 for Resident, Student, Nurse, Medic)(Full)

Early Bird Discount Price – $299 CAD  (limited availability, before June 1st 2018) ($199 for Resident, Student, Nurse, Medic)


Fall ECCU Festival Conference and ECCU 2 Advanced Apps Course – (27th-28th Sept). Includes Conference and full ECCU 2 Advanced Apps Course, all meals and one night’s accommodation at the Algonquin Resort on the 27th September. Additional night’s accommodation (not included) can be reserved on request.

$1950 CAD (Full) ($1750 for Residents – limited availability – Residents Rate – Full )

Draft Program – Course and Conference

Download (PDF, 303KB)

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Application for the Fall ECCU Festival PoCUS Conference Workshop (1-day)(Full)


Application for the Fall ECCU Festival PoCUS Conference and ECCU2 Advanced Apps Course (2-days)  (Full)


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