NEW: Resident Clinical Pearls

Starting today, a new series of short clinical reviews, prepared by the residents of the Dalhousie Family Medicine integrated Emergency Medicine program, will be published here on the SJRHEM website each month.

Many thanks to the chief resident Dr Robin Clouston for organising this new initiative which will no doubt deliver some interesting and informative posts in the coming year. SJRHEM Website members can log-on and submit comments and feedback for any of these posts.

Other residents, staff physicians, nurses etc are welcome to contribute to this series buy contacting SJRHEM Admin: department admin


What are they?

A clinical note regarding some aspect of emergency medicine clinical practice, prepared once per month by the residents of the Dalhousie Family Medicine integrated Emergency Medicine program. These clinical pearls may describe emerging literature or any important clinical topic. Resident Clinical Pearls will be vetted by one of the EM staff physicians and published monthly to, to a target audience of EM staff physicians, residents, medical students as well as nursing and interdisciplinary staff, at SJRH and around New Brunswick.


Please use the following format when creating your Resident Clinical Pearl.


Title: (one line – as catchy as you want it to be!)

Author: Your name / PGY

Body: max 200 words, may include photos, links to additional materials, websites, videos, etc. May use a “bottom line” concluding statement, as appropriate.

References: minimum of one reference is required, in a standardized format, ie APA format. May be an academic website, peer-reviewed article, etc. Try to include a link to the reference.

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