Happy Birthday SJRHEM.ca

Our website is celebrating it’s first anniversary today!

Despite this being essentially an SJRH EM website for our own consumption we have seen steady growth in our audience over the last 12 months. When we first went live we received an average of 15 sessions (website visits by different users) per day and are now receiving an average of 30 sessions per day. Over the year these users have viewed 26,318 pages.

Our website now has over 200 pages and posts including all our guidelines, reports from M&Ms, Rounds and Journal Club. There are also numerous useful documents within the Program filestores. It continues to grow every week. So please visit often to see the new content.

The Calendar and Schedule pages are very popular amongst the website visitors. Have you added these shortcuts to your mobile device yet?

As ever I’m always looking for any suggestions for improvement and also any ideas for content.

I’ve attached a google analytics report summary of the year below.

This website is a reflection of the hard work and productivity of all members of the SJRHEM Team, including those who worked tirelessly in the development of our clinical and academic programs, those who provide excellence in patient care, those who have championed our profile in medical education and research and all other members of the multidisciplinary team who support us on a daily basis in the work that we do.

Many thanks for your support.


SJRHEM Website Editor

Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20140412-20150414


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