High Risk Diabetic Foot Clinic – Saint John Triage Form

Information from the Saint John – High Risk Diabetic Foot Clinic

For Further Information Contact:

Lynn Reid BN/ETN

Enterostomal Therapy Department

Saint John Regional Hospital

Horizon Health Network



General Advice:

  • Involving EMP/IV Day Hospital in wound care/routine assessments
  • Collection of C&S, bloodwork and xray at time of ED visit saves a additional clinic visits
  • Pulseless cold white painful toes/foot/gangrene – all indicators for immediate involvement (consult) of vascular surgeon
  • Offloading immediately removes further pressure on involved joints and perhaps eruption of osteomyelitis.
  • Edema reduces healing (order ABI’s, then have EMP/IV Day follow with compression)
  • Our clinic is for open diabetic wounds (we do not do callous/nailcare)

Referral Form

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