New Brunswick Emergency Medicine – Regional Simulation – Season 3

For those of you who missed season 1 and 2, I’m sorry to say they are not on Netflix! However its not to late to get involved in this most awesome of programs….. (and all relevant material will be available for download on the simulation program page)

Total respect for Dr James French who has developed this program from the start. With the support of  Nurse Educators – Kim David and Debra Pitts, Dr French has delivered a program that has really made a difference to the quality of Emergency Care provided in our region.

The level of local engagement is amazing, including all levels of nursing, paramedics, respiratory therapists and physicians. This is clearly a result of the detailed preparation and enthusiastic delivery by Dr French and his team, but also reflects the commitment to improving emergency care by the participating clinicians.




This week the program visited the Sussex Health Centre, on a day when a winter storm had closed all the schools, but despite this, we had a full multidisciplinary attendance. A number of simulations were run over the course of the day, addressing certain aspects of the program’s Needs Analysis and also the relevant regional policy/protocol updates.

This method of practising for high acuity low occurrence events has wide support in the medical literature and has been adopted in all modern EMS systems. In a confidential, supportive environment, the process issues are explored, modified and perfected. Some of these issues ( Regional transfer, EMS ventilatory support, post-cardiac arrest  thrombolysis) will form the basis of future posts on this site.

Attached are a couple of the many resources being developed by this program:

Introductory Lecture

Download (PDF, 5.59MB)

Awesome Checklists

Pre anesthetic checklist 2013

Download (PDF, 1.96MB)



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