Why you need to know the NNT……?

…Your patient may soon be asking you..

It seems that the main-stream media and subsequently the public are getting much more interested in whether our proposed tests and interventions are likely to be helpful or even harmful. And now they are being given simple tools to help them ask the right questions. This article describes a shift with Dr David Newman (Emergency Physician and developer of TheNNT.com)

“It might be just a number, but the NNT can tell doctors when to do something and when something is not likely to be useful—or can even be harmful. Once we, patients and families and doctors alike, get our heads around the idea that we shouldn’t always expect a drug or a procedure, we can begin to expect the right level of medicine and not just medicine for medicine’s sake.”
From:This Man’s Simple System Could Transform America by Sarah Fallon – Wired – 10/10/2014

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