New NICE Guidelines for the whole Trauma System!

Not content with producing evidence-based clinical guidelines for trauma management e.g. Head Injury Management, NICE are taking on the whole Trauma System. NICE have recently published new guidelines for fractures, complex fractures, spinal injury assessment, major trauma and major trauma service delivery. Yes, there is now a NICE guideline that covers the organisation and provision of major trauma services in pre-hospital and hospital settings, including ambulance services, emergency departments, major trauma centres and trauma units. 

It aims to reduce deaths and disabilities in people with serious injuries by providing a systematic approach to the delivery of major trauma care.





The full list of recommendations can be seen here and include:

1.1 Pre‑hospital triage
1.2 Transferring patients with major trauma
1.3 Pre‑alert procedures
1.4 Procedures for receiving patients in trauma units and major trauma centres
1.5 Transfer between emergency departments
1.6 Organisation of hospital major trauma services
1.7 Documentation
1.8 Monitoring and audit
1.9 Information and support for patients, family members and carers
1.10 Training and skills
1.11 Access to major trauma services


This well-researched document delivers quality evidence and recommendations and should be considered essential reading for all those involved in organising regional Trauma Services.


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