The Department of Emergency Medicine, Saint John NB, provides specialist emergency care for over 125,000 patients annually. The objective of the clinical program is to produce and distribute evidence based resources for clinicians. This page provides links to our own guidelines, recommended external guidelines, online texts, patient information and medical calculators. Useful hospital/departmental forms, clinical policies and guides to departmental equipment are available in the clinical file store.

Clinical Academic Department Head: Dr Paul Atkinson

Assistant Clinical Department Head: Dr Matt Greer

SHC Site Lead: Dr Paul Frankish

CCH Site Lead: Dr Maria Kovalik

UCC Site Lead: Dr Tracy Meyer

SJRH Site Lead: Dr Andrew Lohoar

Quality and Knowledge Translation Director: Dr. Rachel Goss

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Asthma Pediatrics



DKA Adult

DKA Pediatrics

Massive Transfusion

Minor Head Injury

Overcapacity Protocol

Pain Management

Pediatric Hydration in D&V

Pulmonary Embolism

Sepsis Adult

Sepsis Pediatrics

Thoraco-Lumbar Spine Trauma



Clinical Pages




Patient Information Leaflets

Pain Control Resource Page

Trauma and Critical Care

Trauma Program

Wound Care

Urgent Psychiatry Appointment

Informatics Pages

Disposition Diagnosis


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External Guidelines

IWK poison centre website (username and password no longer required)

2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Emergency Preparedness – Public Health Canada


Affiliated Programs

New Brunswick Trauma

New Brunswick Health – Publications (including NB Disease Watch Bulletin)



Clinical Files