The Emergency Medicine Review Course

The Emergency Medicine Review (EM Review) course is offered by the Saint John Regional Hospital Emergency Department to guide eligible candidates in preparation for the CCFP (EM) licensing exam.

Over the 19 interactive sessions, a CCFP(EM) lecturer will review the CFPC’s Priority Topics in Emergency Medicine: the core material covered in the exam. A practice written exam and final oral exam are offered at the end of the course. Feedback is provided throughout.


For full details and Course Registration please visit the EMR Course website:

Emergency Medicine Review Course Website


Testimonials From Recent Participants

For practice eligible physicians, this course is a definite must. It will provide you with the tools necessary to pass on your first attempt.

Excellent preparation course for the exam. Very responsive to feedback. Made the formidable task of preparation more manageable.

No doubt this course was completely invaluable in preparing me for the EM exam. The sample SAMPS and oral exam examples are perfectly aligned with what you’ll see in the actual exam.

Very highly recommended – it shows you HOW to study, not just what to study.

Excellent course – thorough and comprehensive review of topics relevant for the CCFP-EM exam. Provided an extremely useful framework for approaching the oral and written exam.

I have no doubt that I would have failed the exam had I not done this prep course. It keeps you honest in your studies.


I wrote the EM exam in the fall, as a practice eligible candidate who had been out 8 years, working part time in ED and as a part time family doc.

The on-line course I took via the Saint John group is very worthwhile. A friend of mine failed the exam the first time he wrote it (studied independently) and passed the exam after taking this course. In his words, the course is essential.

I completely agree. The course was helpful mainly in helping with ‘examsmanship’. For instance, it is not hard to learn core information, but the EMR course helps with providing how questions are asked, how they are marked and how the practice orals work… I cannot recommend this course higher. I think the course is particularly beneficial to practice eligible candidates.”


“As a practice eligible doc I found the course invaluable.  Trying to study and work full time is hard enough, and I found having a weekly deadline to read/study a certain topic forced me to stay on schedule with my exam preparation.  (No bigger motivator than looking like you have no idea what you’re talking about in front of your peers!)  Having the opportunity to practice the written and oral questions again and again, week after week, made a huge difference when writing the exam.

There is a lot of exam-manship in passing the EM exam, so having a chance to practice, knowing what format to expect, in particular for the oral after being out of residency for a while, made a huge difference.  Honestly, I don’t know if I would have passed without the course.”

“I think the course is spectacular. I really love the weekly thing, it commits you to keeping up. – also helps to reinforce the process. I love how there are all sorts of people from different backgrounds – It’s better than a residency program (not that I have been to one of those recently). I also love the commitment of staff to learning, not just getting the answer correct… Every time I am about to sign out I always think of how glad I am I signed up for the course”



Emergency Medicine Review Course Website