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The Dalhousie University and Horizon Health Network emergency medicine research program was established in 2010 at the Saint John Regional Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine with a remit to investigate patient oriented outcomes and to achieve improved patient care through research and knowledge translation. The program collaborates with other sites in New Brunswick as leader for the provincial research committee, and partners with other programs on the Dalhousie University Department of Emergency Medicine Research Council.

The research team consisting of several physicians, nurses, residents and medical students has a successful publication record, and has presented original research at local, national and international conferences. We have investigated strategies to reduce burnout in the ED staff; examined protocols to improve outcomes in cardiac arrest and shock. We have also compared Trauma outcomes between advanced and standard systems, as well as looking at clinical issues such as pain control, shoulder dislocation, sedation for children among others. Our current areas of research include medical education, point of care ultrasound, trauma systems and injury prevention, as well as several areas in emergency medicine. Our education research has led to curricular advancements in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We partner closely with the Dalhousie Departments of Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine.

We provide invaluable research and training opportunities for medical students at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, as well as residents in emergency medicine and family medicine. We have also supervised research projects for UNB masters students, nursing staff and prospective medical students. We have developed partners with local, national and international institutions and are involved in several multicenter studies.

We are involved in research administration at regional, national and international levels. Dr. Atkinson served as chair of the CAEP Research Committee and was the first chair of the New Brunswick trauma Program Research Sub-committee. He is currently a member of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine research committee. Dr. French is the current chair of the New Brunswick trauma Program Research Sub-committee.

In 2014, the team received the Grant Innes Award for top research at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) national conference, and in 2015 placed second. Students and residents in the program have been awarded Top Medical Student Research Project in Emergency Medicine (CAEP 2015 & 2016), top family medicine research project (Dalhousie University 2014, 2015 & College of Family Physicians 2015). Dr. Atkinson received the 2019 Dr. Ian Stiell Researcher of the Year award from the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.


Interim Research Director: Dr. Kavish Chandra – Choosing Wisely, KT

Senior Research Advisor: Dr. Paul Atkinson – PoCUS, Trauma, Pain, Resuscitation

Emergency Medicine Researcher: Dr. James French – Operations, EMS, Trauma, Simulation

Research Co-ordinator: Jacqueline Fraser

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Researchers and Faculty:

Dr. David Lewis – PoCUS, Informatics, Sports Medicine
Dr. Chris Vaillancourt –  Allergy, Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Jay Mekwan – Airway, Simulation, ECMO
Dr. Peter Ross – PoCUS, Postgraduate Studies
Dr. Joanna Middleton – EMS, Trauma
Dr. Tushar Pishe – EMS, Trauma
Dr. Cherie-Lee Adams – Quality, Knowledge Translation, Critical Thinking
Dr. Jo-Ann Talbot – Knowledge Translation, Education
Dr. Robin Clouston – Crowding, ED flow, OBGYN
Dr. Tracy Meyer – Opioids, Harm Reduction, Poverty Reduction
Dr. Rose McCloskey   – ALC patients, Violence, Nursing studies
Dr. Michael Howlett – EM administration, burnout, triage

Latest News

June 2019 

Congratulations to @SJRHEM @eccucourse Dr. Paul Atkinson, Emergency Medicine Research Program Director at Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital, who was recently awarded the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP)’s Annual Ian Stiell Researcher of the Year Award. The peer-nominated award recognizes outstanding contribution to emergency medicine, including advocacy, education, research and professional practice.

Read more here.


May 2019

Congratulations to the @SJRHEM and @networkSHoC research team who were awarded the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation Research Team of the Month award for April 2019.

Read more here.


Saint John Emergency Medicine Research Program



Research in Medicine (RIM), Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Each year we supervise several Research in Medicine (RIM) students from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Previous RIM students have received local, regional and national research awards.

Find out more here about what is required as a RIM mentor, and an overview of the program.

Please contact Jackie Fraser for RIM project information. 


Partners and Networks

We are members of several research networks including the Dalhousie University Emergency Medicine Research Committee, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Research Committee, the Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (Can-ROC), and the New Brunswick Trauma Program. Research partnerships have been established with Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick; Departments of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Pediatrics, Public Health, and Psychology; Horizon Health Network Research Services; Universities of New Brunswick, Manitoba, Calgary, Memorial, Cape Town, and Cambridge; the Canadian Centre of Vaccinology, the International Federation for Emergency Medicine; and staff of the Saint John Regional Hospital ED. The site also initiated the formation of a Dalhousie DEM Ultrasound Research working group which has evolved into a national PoCUS research section of the CAEP Ultrasound Committee. We are the home site for the SHoC research network.

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