As a designated campus of the Dalhousie University Medical Education Program and through its affiliation with Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Saint John  Regional Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine shares academic responsibilities for CCFP (EM) and FRCP (EM) residency training programs.

The Saint John Regional Hospital is the largest tertiary care hospital (445 beds) in New Brunswick and is the primary health care referral centre for this area and to all New Brunswickers for major trauma and cardiac care.The New Brunswick Trauma Program and the New Brunswick Heart Centre are located within the hospital. It is also the centre of Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick’s distributed medical education program. On-site specialties include cardiac and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, orthopedics, interventional radiology, intensive care, nephrology, gastroenterolgy, rheumatology, pediatrics, obstetrics, etc (full list here).

Our residents have exposure to all aspects of emergency medicine in a friendly and supportive learning environment. They are intimately involved in our nationally recognised research program and our well established ultrasound and simulation programs. Dedicated resident simulation sessions are held on a weekly basis and we are committed to providing the required emergency ultrasound experience for both IFEM competency and CEUS IP.

Our chief resident or postgraduate director can be contacted for further details on our residency program. Residency electives can be applied for on-line here.

The Saint John Regional Hospital Medical Education Program website can be accessed here.

Postgraduate Director: Dr. Robin Clouston

SJRH iFMEM Chief Resident: Dr. Luke Edgar


Postgraduate Program Pages

Resident Objectives & Documents

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ABC’s of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Review Course

The Emergency Medicine Review (EM Review) course is offered by the Saint John Regional Hospital Emergency Department to guide practice eligible physicians in preparation for the CCFP(EM) licensing exam

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