SJRH PoCUS Competency Program

SJRH EM has a program in place for the assessment of Core PoCUS Competency. This process is based on recommendations from the International Federation for Emergency Medicine – PoCUS Guidance.

Core Competency Assessment 

Before proceeding to Core Competency Assessment, the physician should have completed a suitable theory course or series of modules, and received hands-on instruction. They should then have carried out supervised practice of the specified number of scans with maintenance of a log.

Core Competency covers assessments of:

1. Focussed Diagnostic Ultrasound Assessment for

–       Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, (AAA)

–       Abdominal,Pelvic and Pericardial free fluid in Trauma (FAST)

–       Pericardium and Ventricular motion (Echo in Life Support)

–       Early Pregnancy – confirmation of intra-uterine pregnancy (IUP)

–       Pleural/Thoracic free fluid  (eFAST)

–       Lung Sliding (rule out Pneumothorax, eFAST)

2. Focussed Procedural Ultrasound Guidance for

–       Insertion of venous catheter


When the physician has reached the recommended number of scans for an assessment (your trainer will give guidance on the recommended number of scans you require for each modality), the relevant section of the document is completed by an assessor who will assess them as they scan a patient / volunteer (image acquisition), interpret images and apply their findings to standardized clinical scenarios. When each section is successfully completed, the whole document forms proof of achieving core competency. Whilst the minimum standard is competency to perform, Emergency Physicians should be aspiring for competence to teach. Ultrasound simulation may be used to demonstrate pathology or needle guidance.

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