SJRHEM Dalhousie Clerkship PoCUS

SJRHEM Dalhousie Clerkship PoCUS Learning Objectives

SJRHEM has a nationally respected tradition in Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) training. Our learners are trained in PoCUS by staff EM physicians who have a passion for clinical PoCUS, PoCUS research and PoCUS education.


Please ensure you have completed the following pre-reading before you start this Clerkship block.

Link to Pre-Reading Material – Read the CanPoCUS Core – Handbook


During the SJRHEM 3-week Clerkship block we have set the following PoCUS Learning Objectives:


  1. Gain familiarity with the basic operation of the SJRHEM Ultrasound machines
    1. Location (Acute, Trauma, RAZ)
    2. Power supply – keep charged
    3. On/Off
    4. New Patient – pprn, reading/referring physician
    5. Transducer selection
    6. Depth
    7. Gain
    8. Colour
    9. Image annotation
    10. Image/Clip freeze and saving
    11. Machine care – wipe down keyboard and transducers after each use.
  2. Basic Scanning technique
    1. Environment – Lighting, Bed height
    2. Patient comfort
    3. New Patient details
    4. Holding a transducer
    5. Orientating transducer to patient and screen
    6. Ultrasound anatomical planes – Transverse, Sagittal, Longitudinal, Coronal
    7. Post scanning – Patient and Machine care
  3. Q-Path
    1. Sign in
    2. Ability to review saved images and clips
  4. Supervised Scans
    1. To include those modalities learnt in PIER 1 and /or 3
      1. Vascular Access (Views of the IJ vein and Peripheral veins)
      2. Cardiac (Sub xiphoid, +/- Parasternal views)
      3. eFAST (RUQ, LUQ, Pelvic)
    2. Aorta
  1. Observed Scans
    1. To observe the following modalities
      1. Obstetric (Early Preg)
      2. IVC
      3. Lung
      4. MSK
Download and print Checklist below

Download (PDF, 33KB)