I just wanted to highlight some of the great FOAMed resources coming out of my alma mater – RCEM (and that of Dr. Jay Mekwan, Dr. Paul Atkinson, Dr. James French and Dr. Brian Ramrattan) the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (UK) FOAMed webpage.


  • Catch up with the proceeding from the RCEM 2016 annual conference:

Day 1 – http://www.rcemfoamed.co.uk/portfolio/rcem-bournemouth-rcem16beach-day-1/

Day 2 – http://www.rcemfoamed.co.uk/portfolio/rcem-bournemouth-rcem16beach-day-2/


  • Listen to a podcast on Do Not Resuscitate 

Do Not Attempt Resuscitation

  • Get an update on the latest EM Evidence – http://www.rcemfoamed.co.uk/portfolio/august-2016-new-in-em/
    • Can we use oxygen to treat acute migraine?
    • Does immediate wbct in major trauma reduce mortality compared to usual management?
    • Does having a senior doctor in triage enhance ED performance?
    • How should we sedate agitated patients?
    • Is a CT good enough to clear the c spine in an intoxicated patient
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