Saint John ranks 6th from 33 in Canadian City Life Satisfaction Survey

Average life satisfaction from 2009 to 2013 across Canada’s 33 CMAs is shown in Chart 1. It ranges from about 7.8 (on a scale with a maximum value of 10) in Vancouver, Toronto, and Windsor, to around 8.2 in St. John’s, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay. Overall, average life satisfaction varies by 0.44 points across CMAs. This does not take into account any differences in individual-level or community-level characteristics.

Statcan – How’s Life in the City – 2009-2103


Overall, Canada ranks 5th (behind Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway) in the World Happiness Report 2015. USA ranked 15th, Ireland 18th, UK 21st).


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