SJRHEM Infrastructure Committee – Report

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The following notes were presented and discussed at the SJRHEM Team Meeting on April 7th 2015.

Infrastructure Notes: March 2015

1.     Hand over Area:  Encouraging Physicians to utilize the space in the Acute Physician Resource Room for hand overs. A second desk and computer has been added.

2.     Calling for inpatient charts: Recommend that all patients located in the Trauma Pod (critical care/trauma patients) automatically should have their in patient charts called for. Patients who are located in Acute and are consulted or have been recently discharged within 14 days should also have charts called for.

3.     Pain Management :Recommend that we support this as a quality initiative for 2015

4.     Return Visits: Patients who are asked to return the following day for CT or U/S should not be placed in the same queue as the rest of the patients. Every effort should be made to have their results reviewed in a timely manner.

5.     Patient Care Carts: a work order has been placed to have the side baskets switched to the opposite side.

6.     Team Work: Creating a Respectful Workplace in the ED is what we should strive for each day, despite how busy we are; we must support each other and treat all members with respect and communicate in a respectful manner.

7.     ED Flow within the Department: During shifts where there is limited space in Acute to bring level 3’s into be examined. We must look at the best option based on their presentations. With the Overflow area open, we may still be bed blocked, at this time the TL/Charge Physician should review the wait times in the waiting area for level 3, ANB delay with offloading, and availability of assigned beds. Two options to consider are to move additional admitted patients with an ER RN to the top of RAZ or move an additional RN to RAZ to see stable patients who are currently sitting in the waiting area.

8.     ED Waiting Room: A Patient focused meeting was recently held with Patient Saint John Advisors to discuss the current set up. Further meetings will be held.

9.     Culture of Caring: Dr Howlett is developing a Poster and Photo contest on CARING and RESPECT. We are also promoting staff to share their acts of caring. Bi-weekly draws for recognition was suggested.


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