SJRHEM Photo Competition – Results – Integrity Category

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In 4th Equal Place (Three Photographs)….



Hiking in Italy, we came across a hill covered in Inukshuks.  The scene from afar was beautiful set on a mountainous peak, but up close, the precariousness is apparent.

Caroline Mackay 



Routine Checks

Keeping us safe, one routine check at a time. Thanks to the SJPD for keeping us all in line & being there when we need them most.

Sonja Skodje



EM Residents

This group of residents demonstrate integrity in their approach to learning the skills required to become an Emergency Physician

Peter Ross


And the Winners are (Three Photographs are the joint winners)….


Gross Morne Descent

Cherie Adams 


Boat Work

Maritime Traditions: the beauty of a culture

Mike Howlett 



Starboard Mooring

Cherie Adams 



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