Sustainable Working Conditions for Emergency Physicians

This program, proposed by the International Federation for Emergency Medicine is supported by this recent publication by Dr Michael Howlett et al.

Download (PDF, 228KB)

The leadership of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine is greatly concerned about the sustainability of professional practice for emergency physicians worldwide.  Accordingly, in 2013 a Taskforce was established to review the best working practices and agree on a set of core principles that would provide guidance and support for a sustainable, fulfilling career in Emergency Medicine.   The Group, led by Dr Taj Hassan (RCEM), included representatives from the UK, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Singapore, HK and South Africa.

A Position Statement has now been developed and is attached.  It can also be accessed via the IFEM Website

We hope it will provide guidance in this key area and can be the foundation of a set of materials that can be used by Emergency Physicians to help provide better structure to their clinical careers.

Download (PDF, 856KB)

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