Dr Kavish Chandra



Kavish Chandra BSc(Hons) MSc MD CCFP(EM)

After growing up in Northwestern British Columbia, I moved to New Brunswick to complete my
undergraduate and graduate studies at Mount Allison University. I then completed my medical
training at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and residency training in Emergency Medicine
and Family Medicine at Dalhousie University.

I currently practice as an Emergency Physician with a special interest in medical education,
FOAMed and point of care ultrasound.

Outside of work, I am an avid recreational golfer and hockey player.


  • Emergency Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Horizon Health Network, Saint John Area
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Interim Research Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Saint John Regional Hospital


  • CCFP(EM), Dalhousie University, 2018
  • CCFP, Dalhousie University, 2018
  • MD, Dalhousie University, 2015
  • MSc, Mount Allison University, 2011
  • BSc (Hons), Mount Allison University, 2009



Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Made Easy, 3rd Edition. Bowra J, McLaughlin R, Atkinson P.
Elsevier, London, 2020. Chapter : Lung Ultrasound, Chandra K, Atkinson P, Noble V.

Chandra K, Atkinson P, Chatur H, Fraser J, Adams C. To Choose or Not to Choose: Evaluating
the Effect of a Choosing Wisely Knowledge Translation Initiative for Imaging in Low Back Pain
by Emergency Physicians. Cureus (): e. doi:10.7759/cureus.

Zhou F, Chandra K, Sohi D, Robertson C, Fraser J, Scoville J, DeSousa N, Vaillancourt C,
Atkinson P. Do guidelines influence emergency department staff behaviours and improve
patient outcomes? Evaluation of a multifaceted intervention for the implementation of local
AECOPD guidelines. Cureus, 10(11): e3588, 13 November 2018.

Chandra K, Bosker T, Hogan NS, Lister A, MacLatchy D, Currie S. Sustained high temperature
increases the vitellogenin response to 17α-ethynylestradiol in mummichog (Fundulus
heteroclitus). Aquatic Toxicology, Vol. 118–119, 15 August 2012.

Chandra, K, Lewis, D, & Atkinson, P. (2019). P018: How to get your departmental web content
to work for you: One department’s experience with free open access medical education.
CJEM, 21(S1), S69-S69. doi:10.1017/cem.2019.209.

Chandra K, Atkinson PR, Fraser J, Chatur H, Adams C. P033: To choose or not to choose:
evaluating the impact of a Choosing Wisely knowledge translation initiative on urban and rural
emergency physician guideline awareness. CJEM. Cambridge University Press;

Chandra K, Atkinson PR, Fraser J, Chatur H, Adams C. MP31: The contrarian effect: how does
a Choosing Wisely focused knowledge translation initiative affect emergency physician
practice in a high awareness-low investigation environment? CJEM. Cambridge University
Press; 2017;19(S1):S75–S76.


FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) publications

Chandra K. How to get FOAM to work for you. https://sjrhem.ca/how-to-get-foam-to-work-for-you/

Chandra K, Chandra A. Wired shut. https://sjrhem.ca/wiredjaw/

Chandra K, Lewis D. The “easy IJ”. https://sjrhem.ca/rcp-easyij/

Chandra K, Mekwan J. Vertebral artery dissection: https://sjrhem.ca/em-reflections-march-

Chandra K, Frankish P, Lewis D. Save your thumbs: extra-oral reduction of anterior
mandibular dislocations: https://sjrhem.ca/rcp-save-thumbs-extra-oral-reduction-anterior-mandibular-dislocations/

Chandra K, Lewis D. To choose or not to choose: https://sjrhem.ca/choose-not-choose-update-choosing-wisely-canada-campaign-emergency-medicine-recommendations/

Chandra K, Greer M, Lewis D. Pharyngitis: https://sjrhem.ca/resident-clinical-pearl-pharyngitis/

Taylor L, Chandra K. Epistaxis management in the ED: https://sjrhem.ca/rcp-epistaxis/

Dunfield R, Chandra K. Ultrasound guided hematoma block for distal radius fractures:

Webster D, Chandra K. Shining a light on vision loss: https://sjrhem.ca/pocus-for-the-retina/

Cornelis A, Chandra K. PoCUS assisted lumbar puncture: https://sjrhem.ca/pocus-assisted-lumbar-puncture/

Amiro R, Chandra K. An approach to removing hair tourniquets: https://sjrhem.ca/an-approach-to-removing-hair-tourniquets/

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    Dr. Jo-Ann Talbot

    Jo-Ann Talbot, MD, FRCP EM


    • Site Academic Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, Saint John, Horizon Health Network
    • Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University
    • Clinical Associate Professor, Memorial University


    Dr. Talbot completed her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Military College and worked as an aerospace engineer before joining the medical profession. She completed both her MD and her FRCP Emergency Medicine training at the University of Manitoba

    Academic EM Interests

    Dr Talbot loves the enthusiasm of medical education and is working with new technologies in teaching and distributive learning. She also has a special interest in teaching evidenced based clinical practice. She is a faculty member of the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) group and is a tutor for the McMaster University Evidence Based Clinical Practice conference. Her research interests include knowledge translation and quality improvement. She belongs to the knowledge translation faculty of the Teaching Evidence Assimilation for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH) workshop at the New York Academy of Medicine.

    Other Interests

    Jo-Ann enjoys spending time with friends and family engaged in many outdoor activities including (summer) biking, hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and camping, (winter) skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding and snowshoeing.  Saint John New Brunswick is a perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts where all of these activities can be found within 5 to 40 minutes of your front door.  Her hobbies include reading and photography.

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      Dr. Paul Atkinson

      Paul Atkinson BSc(Hons), MB BCh BAO, MA(Cantab), FRCPC(EM)


      • Clinical Academic Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, Horizon Health Network, Saint John Area
      • Assistant Dean Research, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
      • Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University
      • Clinical Associate Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
      • Deputy Editor, Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine
      • Past Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine Research Committee, Dalhousie University
      • Past Chair, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Research Committee
      • Past Chair, Provincial Research Subcommittee, New Brunswick Trauma Program
      • Tutor, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
      • Co-Director, Emergency Critical Care Ultrasound, Canada


      • The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK
      • Bachelor of Science (Physiology) with First Class Honours 1992
      • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Obstetrics, with Honours 1995


      • Membership of the Royal College of Physicians; MRCP (UK) 1998
      • Higher Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine, East of England (Cambridge) 1999-2004
      • Fellowship of the Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine (now The Royal College of Emergency Medicine);FFAEM (FCEM) 2003
      • Certificate in Focused Emergency Ultrasound (Royal College of Emergency Medicine) CFEU 2009
      • Master of Arts (Cambridge University) MA(Cantab) 2010
      • Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada (Emergency Medicine) 2015


      • “Best in Class” Award. Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, for preclinical teaching 2012
      • Grant Innes Award for Top Research Abstract, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians 2014
      • “Emergency Physician Teacher of the Year” 2015 (awarded by Family Medicine Residents, Saint John)
      • Dalhousie University Department of Emergency Medicine Top Research Award 2015
      • Dr. Ian Stiell Researcher of the Year Award, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, 2019

      Academic EM Interests

      Research, Point of Care Ultrasound, Trauma, Simulation, Medical Education, Healthcare Systems, Wellbeing, Critical Thinking


      Google Scholar Profile

      Other Interests
      Family, Hiking, Music, Being outside, preferably on or near water


      Download (PDF, 305KB)

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        Dr. David Lewis

        David Lewis MB,BS FRCS FCEM CFEU PGDipSEM


        • Assistant Clinical Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, Horizon Health Network, Saint John Area
        • Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University
        • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland
        • Director, Point of Care Ultrasound Program, Department of Emergency Medicine
        • Lead EM Informatics, Department of Emergency Medicine
        • Lead Undergraduate Ultrasound, Dalhousie New Brunswick Medicine (DNMB)
        • Website Editor – www.sjrhem.ca
        • Director ATLS Courses, Trauma New Brunswick, Saint John Area
        • Past Chair, CAEP Emergency Ultrasound Committee




        • MB,BS, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, University of London, 1991
        • Fellow Royal College of Surgeons England, 1996
        • Fellow Royal College of Emergency Medicine UK, 2001
        • Post Graduate Diploma Sports and Exercise Medicine, Bath University, 2012

        Academic EM Interests

        • Point of Care Ultrasound, Medical Informatics, Sports and Exercise Medicine

        Recent Publications

        Other Interests

        Follow on Twitter – @e_med_doc

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