The SJRHEM Research Abstracts presented at the Dalhousie DEM Research Day 2015

A Prospective Comparison of Emergency Department Crowding Scores: A Single Centre Cross-Sectional Study.

Robin Clouston, Michael Howlett, Dylan Sohi, Jacqueline Fraser, Scott Lee, Tashina McCluskey, Paul Atkinson

Download (PDF, 199KB)

Evaluating the Turn-Around-Time of STAT Laboratory Tests in the Emergency Department Using Different Chemistry Methods

Sarah Compeau, Stephanie Matchett, Mike Howlett, Jacqueline Fraser, Joshua Murray, Denise Leblanc-Duchin, Allan Yeoman, Jennifer Shea, Paul Atkinson

Download (PDF, 128KB)

A Traumatic Tale of Two Cities: Does EMS Level of Care and Transportation Model Affect Survival in Trauma Patients Transported to Level 1 Trauma Centres?

Colin Rouse, Jefferson Hayre, James French, Jacqueline Fraser, Ian Watson, Sue Benjamin, Allison Chisholm, Beth Sealy, Mete Erdogan, Robert Green, Paul Atkinson


Sonography in Cardiac Arrest: Real-time Assessment and Evaluation with Sonography – Outcomes Network (REASON)

Paul Atkinson, R. Gaspari, D. Blehar, M. Mendoza, S. Adhikari, J. Nomura, P. Sierzenski,


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