Welcome Block 8

Dr. Suzanne Girard P                                              Jan 14 – Feb 10


“..Originally from Kenora, ON. I studied political science at Dalhousie and then University of Alberta. I attended medical school at NOSM in Thunder Bay, ON…”. 


Dr. Paul Frankish PGY3                                         Jan 14 – Feb 10


 “… I am a CCFP EM resident in Halifax. I did my medical training in Ottawa and my family medicine residency at Dalhousie. My interests outside of medicine include golf, hunting, fishing, and hiking…”


Dr. Sarah Compeau PGY2                                      Jan 14 – Feb 10



Dr. Leanne Hewitson  PGY2                                  Jan 14 – Feb 10




Clinical Clerks


Fraser MacKay                                                           Jan 19 – Feb 8          

DMNB 3rd yr  



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